Christmas Help for Single Moms

Single moms are forced to live on one income. In a world that requires two incomes to survive, most extras are out of the question for single moms. This includes the purchase of Christmas presents. Fortunately, there is help available for single moms at Christmas time.

Contact your local social services office and ask to be placed on any lists of programs that offer help at Christmas time. Even if they don’t have a program, the usually know who does. The programs often supply enough food for a Christmas dinner as well as a few toys for the kids at Christmas time.

Talk to the members of your church community. Most churches have a benevolence fund set-up to help those in need. You may be asked to prove that you have a legitimate need before you are offered help, or the benevolence committee may contact a church member who would be willing to become your sponsor for Christmas.

Check with such agencies as Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, and Catholic Charities. All of the agencies have special programs for the Christmas holiday to aid single moms, and low-income families with food and presents for the kids.

Call your child’s school, and let them know about your situation. Many schools have programs to help families within the school that are having a hard time at Christmas. I know my daughter’s school gave us a large amount of food one year so we could have a healthy Christmas dinner.

Remember that it never hurts to ask. The worst that can happen is that you are turned down for help. Sometimes we have to humble ourselves as single moms and take the help that is available to us. Just picture how happy your children will be when they wake up Christmas morning to find a few new gifts under the Christmas tree.


Photo by: Lisa Dusseault